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Work Hardening

Who Can Benefit From Work Rehabilitation?

Anyone who is having difficulty fulfilling the worker role due to an illness or injury, and who desires to return to work or enhance work performance, can benefit from work rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapy’s Role

Our occupational therapy program, through our education and training, have the skills to evaluate worker capacities, task performance, and the work environment, and to provide interventions related to these areas. 

Using a client-centered perspective, our occupational therapists evaluate the impact of wellness, cognition, physical disabilities, psychosocial factors, and medical conditions on work performance. Our occupational therapists possess the distinct ability to evaluate the intersection of an individual’s work demands and the work environment through evidence-based task analysis. The occupational therapy evaluation can identify supports and barriers to success in the work environment, including work culture, that can be addressed in the intervention plan to enhance work performance. Our therapist also considers other contexts and environments that may support or hinder the ability to fulfill the worker role, such as access to transportation and the ability to dress oneself in a timely manner for the work day. These specialized evaluation skills allow our occupational therapist to understand and deliver results in the complex psychosocial and physical work environment.

Work Hardening: This approach is multidisciplinary and can involve psychomedical counseling, ergonomic evaluation, job coaching, and/or transitional work services. Treatment is typically provided 5 days per week for 2 to 4-plus hours per day. Clients in work-hardening programs may progress to transitional work programming by performing job duties at their place of employment. If necessary, final adaptations and/or reasonable accommodations can be determined during this period of transition.

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