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Tendonitis is a temporary condition that can affect the ability to perform the basic activities of our day. An occupational therapist is skilled at identifying the challenges the condition will cause and finding practical and cost-effective solutions.

We use the term tendonitis, which means inflammation of the tendon, to refer to these chronic tendon problems. Doctors now know that the tendon does not always become inflamed when it is injured. Other changes in the tendon can cause tendon pain. However, tendonitis is still the most commonly used term.

Many parts of the tendon can be injured. Tendon problems can involve the area where the tendon attaches to the bone, the tissue that surrounds the tendon (the tendon sheath), or the main tissues of the tendon. Doctors use different terms to refer to injuries of different parts of the tendon.

A protective sheath known as the synovium covers tendons. This sheath produces synovial fluid, which keeps the tendon lubricated.

Injury to the tendon may result in the malfunction of the sheath. If this occurs, the sheath may fail to make synovial fluid or may not make enough fluid. This can cause inflammation or swelling of the sheath. This condition is known as tendon sheath inflammation. It’s also sometimes called tenosynovitis.


Tendon injuries can show up anywhere in your body. Doctors see tendonitis most often in certain sites.

Common Injuries seen in occupational therapy include:

-De Quervain's Disease

-Trigger Finger/Thumb

-Tennis Elbow

-Golfer’s Elbow

-Rotator Cuff Tendinitis

When you begin your Complete Rehabilitation Services rehabilitation program, our Occupational Therapist will teach you stretches and exercises to help your tendon heal and regain its strength. We can also assess your work site and athletic equipment and recommend changes to reduce the strain on your tendon. Depending on your type of injury, we may ask you to try such special equipment as splints or braces.

Most people with chronic tendon problems can find ways to relieve the pain and take part in their normal activities, even if the problem doesn't completely go away. Surgery may be successful in relieving the pain of chronic tendonitis. Regardless of the case, we at Complete Rehabilitation Services can help.

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