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Muscle and Joint Pain

Joint pain isn’t a badge of honor. It can be a serious sign of overtraining or simply a decline in joint health that can limit the intensity of your workouts and undercut muscle growth. In fact, working through joint pain is a guaranteed way to sideline your training and eventually cause long-term joint damage.

 We can treat muscular imbalances that relate to stress, trauma, and or overuse injuries. Based upon the understanding that when the body recognizes instability of the skeletal system, muscles become tight to protect against this instability.

When muscles become weak or lose proprioceptive communication with the brain, other muscles become tight. This tightness leads to muscle imbalances that can cause related joint to become unstable.

Our occupational therapists will evaluate range of motion, positional strength testing, palpation (of specific muscular attachment sites), and corrective isometric exercise to correct muscular imbalances. We aim to restore joint movement, range of motion and stability within the body.

If you’re in constant pain from your joints and/or muscles, talk to your doctor today about starting occupational therapy at our Roswell location!

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