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Edema Control

Edema Control

Complete Rehabilitation Services provides effective and compassionate treatment for people affected by lymphedema and other swelling-related problems. Our holistic approach focuses not only on reducing pain and swelling but also on restoring function.

Treatment Options Include:


Manual lymphatic drainage – Gentle massage which encourages the movement of fluid out of the tissues

Medical compression bandaging – This facilitates lymph flow and prevents refilling of the limb between treatment sessions

Sequential pumping – Gently moves fluid from a limb into the circulatory system

Therapeutic exercise – An essential part of any treatment plan, muscle contraction is the best pump

Patient education – Our goal is to help you manage your swelling, beginning with your first visit; skin care, self massage, exercise and precautions may be addressed.

Optimal ergonomic assessment – The home or workplace is assessed to determine potential adaptations necessary to reduce the aggravation of lymphedema.

Individual training and support is provided by licensed occupational therapists that specialize in lymphedema treatment.

Talk to your doctor today if you could benefit from occupational therapy or call our Roswell office!

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